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Update Files.
EHM Update file.
Download features: One zip file to update your entire EHM game for 2010/11. Simply extract the zip contents into your main EHM folder.
UPDATED: August 23 2010 07:36:37 PM
Staff Roster.
Download features: Up to date staff, by shawn.

UPDATED: August 31 2011 03:50:30 PM
2011-12 Rosters.
Download features: Up to date rosters by Vik.

UPDATED: August 24 2011 04:53:18 PM
New Game Utility.
Download features:Ceiling fixes, adding in two-way clauses and NTCs, calculating career goalie wins past 2001, updating team leaders, adding Stanley Cup winners, and a couple others!
UPDATED: August 30 2010 02:27:22 PM
2006 Save Game File.
Download features: A new complete save game file for the start of the 2005 season begnning in June. by Rob Tafts.
UPDATED: March 18 2007 02:27:14 AM
Name File Updates.
Download features: All name files updated.
UPDATED: June 17 2004 01:43:16 PM
2005/2006 Schedule.
Download features: Schedule file for 2005-2006.
UPDATED: November 11 2005 04:35:00 PM
-NOTICE- In order to accommodate all the wonderful add-ons that are submitted, the Images Updates and Utilities and Fixes will be located on a separate page linked above.