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EASTSIDE SET UP FILE (1.16) Required OCX files VB6.0 Runtime files
EHM game versions. These are .exe files only, not the full game install. To install the game, use the EASTSIDE SET UP FILE.
EHM 1.18 EHM 1.14e EHM 1.14
EHM 1.17 EHM 1.14d EHM 1.13
EHM 1.16 EHM 1.14c EHM 1.12
EHM 1.15b EHM 1.14b EHM 1.11
EHM 1.15a   EHM 1.1
EDITORS. Fhockey is not responsible for any problems or errors you may have using these editors. Use them at your own risk.
EHM Editor EHM Staff Editor EHM Schedule Editor
Music Files.
EHM music file #1 EHM music file #2 EHM music file #3 EHM music file #4