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Files in the game broken down

Players.ehm 101
Staff.ehm 101
Teams.ehm 101
Statistics.ehm 101
Lns file 101
How to ADD players
How to uninjure a player

Editing the draft picks 101
Configuration 101
Schedule Editing
find a players ID #
Edit Reports & Boxscores
Edit News Files
Edit Player Histories

Tutorials on the game

Beginning the game
Tab by Tab
Abbreviations in the game
EHM Year
Special Teams 101
AHL 101
AHL playoffs? It can be done
How to create an expansion team or league
How to stop a player from retiring

Tips on succeeding in your online league
Draft 101
Manual training and how to do it right
Potential increase and how to get it
Making one player harder 101
How to run an online league
East vs. West all start game? It can be done
Financial Study


EHM bugs
EHM Easter Egg

How to install your league file
How to set your lines, save your lines and send your lines


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