1.On the team info screen it has the team balance say 10,000,000 then in brakekts beside it it has another number say 8,000,000, what is the other number for?

A- The first number is your teams actual budget, the number in the brackets is your teams current payroll.

2. I've been wondering since I started playing EHM... What stats are important for the coaches? does a Goalie coach needs to have a good EG rating or it is only the hockey tactics and motivation stats that are important?

A- Funny how the staff works, they are all so basic. Coaches only relivant attributes are DI, MP and HT. Scouts only relivant attributes are EO, ED, EG. Also, contrary to popular belief, the Physio's don't only need RE, a strong PS helps too. This is what I have for you. If you feel better having a goalie coach with good EG, sound good to me!

3. How to stop the auto simming ?

A- Both the daily auto sim and the full auto sim (that moves from day to day automatically) can be stopped by double clicking either the "daily games" table the background image behind the tabs

4. What does the numbers with the "Shift lenght" mean.

A- With the normal lines it's seconds, and with special lines it's percentage.

4. How do I sign a player?

A- Click on the players/staff tab. Then, double click the player's name, and on the profile at the top left is a spot actions. click that and then there is an offer new contract option.

5. How do I scout players?

A- Click on the scouting tab and then from the pulldown menu on the left choose a scout. then at the bottom click on either the scout team button and choose a team, scout country and choose a country, and scout shortlist for players on your shortlist.

6. What is a shortlist ?

A- the shortlist is a short list of certain players you want to scout/view/track seperately.

7. How do I add people to the shortlist ?

A- Double click on a players name and at the top click on the “Scouting” menu. Then click on “Add to shortlist” In the “Players/Staff” view or “Scouting” view you can also right-click on the player to bring up a popup menu where you can assign/remove him to/from your shortlist.

8. How do I see my shortlist and who's on it ?

A- At the top of the screen click on the menu “Team menu” and click “View shortlist“

9. How do I clear my shortlist at once ?

A- Under the “Team menu“ click on the item “Clear shortlist”. Once you say yes, it can not be undone.

10. How do I send someone to the farm team ?

A- Click on the farm team tab and chose the player you want to send down and click demote.

11. What does it mean if there is a line through a players name ?

A- the line means he has to clear waivers before being sent down.

12. Is there a maximum amount of players I can have on my team ?

A- In the preseason and playoffs, no. In the regular season it can't be more than 23.

13. What's wizard mode?

A- In wizard mode, all the ratings are shown as blanks. this is if you want a harder challenge since you judge by what you think and not what the ratings show.

14. Can I trade during the draft ?

A- Yes, you can. Just go back to the main window and go to “Trade” view to make the trade. Then return to the drafting window.

15. Can I send people back to juniors ?

A- Yes if they are junior aged (under 20 yrs) and have played less than 10 NHL games in the current season, they can be sent down to juniors.

16. How do I send someone to juniors ?

A- Double click the players name and click the “Actions” menu on the profile. Then choose the item “Send back to juniors”

17. The option to send back to juniors isn't in bold writing and is just gray, what do i do?

A- That means the player is either too old for juniors, or isn't eligible to be sent down at the time.

18. What is the difference between the puck rating and the scouting report ?

A- The puck rating in the player profile (1 to 5) is based on many factors (age, potential, consistency etc.) but the scouting report detail (e.g. "he will most likely be an NHL regular") is based on potential only.

19. How many players do you need for an NHL full roster?

A- You need 23 players, with at least 4 C, 4 RW, 4 LW, 6 D and 2 G.

20. How do I get Prospects to a NHL or farm team?

A- You must sign them to a contract.

21. What are team and player options ?

A- Player and team options in a contract means that at the end of the contract, either the team or the player (or both) has the option to extend the contract.

22. how come sometimes when you get rid of some of your payroll it shows you never got rid of it?

A- switch to another team and then switch back, that will fix it.