Edit the News files.


Let's edit the News file.

first:edit the All-Star selections with the player you choose:

here's the All Star Selection in the news0.tpl:

Don't be afraid, it's a long code, but it's very easy to handle.

First of all: modify all the North America et World bye Eastern Conference & Western Conference.

Each players name are represented by:

Bill Guerin

284 is Bill Guerin ID, let's replace it by, for example, Teemu Selanne, Selanne ID is 32 so:

Teemu Selanne

(/E|/EASTSIDE HOCKEY MANAGER/ is the place where you installed the game, don't change that, or the profile won't load)

here's the result:

Now you have to change all the player that need to be changed!!!!

Editing the team news:

here's a little example. now, the news8.tpl code:

ok, for a test, let's replace Kariya, by Forsberg:

Paul Kariya

Peter Forsberg

How to take a player away from that list ?

just erase what's in blue. (don't forget the little - at the end)

Now you just do that for all team that has players in the all (if you changed players, & that one team has no player, erase all the code for the team, if you added a player & the team has no news about that, just copy the code, changing the name of team (the ID of the team is T followed by its number: T8 for colorado) )

Changing the News right after the All-Star Game (in news0.tpl)

here's the code:

Not much to do here, juste replace the North America & World by Eastern Conference & Western Conference:.

& the last thing to is:

just replace the team winner:


How to find what I need in the .tpl files ? edit with notepad & search to find what you need

What else can I do ? you can choose you own MVP (don't forget to change it in reports.ehm)

If you have any question email me at Derek@fhl.fr.st or contact me via msn DVallencroft@hotmail.com.