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Fhockey League Affiliate info.

To become an affiliate, the requirements are very simple.You must have a website and a banner. Your league must have at least 1 month of activity, this is to prevent fly by night leagues from listing here. It would also be nice if you had at least 15 GM's, if your league isn't at 50% capacity without help, then you obviously aren't trying very hard. Some exceptions may be applied. For the contact info if you feel you fit these very simple requirments........

Also, please have this button linked on your site to before you ask:

Image source: (Do NOT hotlink this image, save it yourself and upload it to your server)

I'd also like to address the fact that the leagues section on this site is not meant to help advertise your league so it can get more people, it is meant to make the community easier to browse for people looking to find quality leagues. I know not everyone will agree that every league that is listed is 'quality', but there is always a matter of opinion that cannot be overcome.

Now for contact info:

Email to