Beginning the Game

So you are ready to play EHM are you? Let's touch up on how to start your game and get ready to play. If you have chosen to download the updates to the game on the updates page, thank you and I will explain further how to use the rosters in the beginning of your game.

1. Open the Game.

Welcome to EHM, the first thing you need to do is start a new game, to do this access the File button on the game and choose new league.

2. Your starting choices.

To begin, simple choose your roster set, you may leave it as default, or if you have a roster set you would like to use, hit the "Find Custom" button. The button will automatically open your EHM folder, this is where your rosters should be, but you can access any file set from anywhere on your computer.

Once you have chosen your rosters, you can choose to have a fantasy draft. This can be a lot of fun if you wish to even out the playing field some. The draft is straight forward and will be explained further later.

Now you can pick you team. Open the pulldown menu and choose the team you wish to controll, then Assign a GM to it. You may enter any name, even your own, and this name will appear in the game as your GM when you view team options and media will use your name too.

You can controll more than 1 team. To do this, change the name of the GM you want to controll and then scroll to another team and repeat the process, this will give you controll of all teams you change the GM for. To change your mind on a GM, just hit the Resign GM button and the default GM will be returned.

Once you have made your choices, hit the "Create the league" button to play.

3. The game will now load all the info it needs to begin.

Once it has completed you are ready to begin. To get the info on how to play the game further, see the "Tab by Tab" section of EHM 101.