Configuration 101

This is a great way to customize your game, some of you knew you could do this, and some of you don't. Maybe you just forgot these files existed? Well here is how you make your game yours.

1. Locating the files-There are 3 main files you will need to locate, as usual, they are easily accessible by opening them with notepad. These files are: config_leagues.ehm, config_presettings.ehm and config_teams.ehm. Don't worry about config_trainging.ehm it is not important unless you hit a bug and your training gets all screwed up and makes the game crash, if that does happen, just restore your config_training.ehm file.

2. What do they mean?-Luckily, the config_leagues.ehm file pretty much explains itself, but I will get in depth with it anyway. I will also explain how to manipulate each of these files to your liking. Ready to begin? Here we go.

3. config_leagues.ehm-You are given 6 options here, each one has an explanation, and I know option #5 is why you are reading this now. This is great isn't it? You can preset how many players form each country are entered into the game on a regular basis. There is just one trick here, if you increase a country by a #, you must reduce some others by that same #. For example, every number added up has to equal 1000, if you increase Canada by 10, you must subtract 10 from one or a few counties in total to get 10 free spots. Get it? If I remove 3 from France and 6 from Italy and 1 from Russia, I just reduced it by the 10 I added to Canada. That simple. The other options explain themselves.

4. config_presettings.ehm-This is where you can add and remove injuries that start the game, as well as suspensions and players status. If you are looking for a way to uninjure a player in the middle of a game, you are in the wrong place, this is before the game starts, go to "How to uninjure a player" in EHM 101 to do it in the middle of the season. Now that you have the file open, take heed of the warning that says "#Next TWO lines are an example and should not be tampered with ! Custom pre-settings start after the "2 3 4" line". This means the first 2 lines can not be removed. #1 is line one and 2 3 4 is line 2, skip them. Now you are actually looking at the presetting for your game. the #___ is the ID # of the player who will be set to something. This file explains it all at the top, but what you need is values. What #'s do you use? Well, let me tell you. First thing, the player ID # can be found a few ways, if you do not yet know, go to the 1st example in "How to uninjure a player".

Now you have the players ID #, here is the values. I will add an example to make this easier.

1 10 665

Say hello to Mike Richter, he is suffering from a head injury(well he is!). How do we know? Well, the 1 represents an injury, 2 is a status affect and 3 is a suspension. 10 means it is a head injury, values are here: VALUES

the 665 is how long he is injured for, in days.

Now lets add a status affect

2  4 -60

Say hi to Mike Danton, he wants more icetime.The 2 means a staus affect, the 4 means he wants more icetime, values are here: VALUES

The -60 is how long he is complaining about it, once he gets more icetime, this affect will disappear.

Time to suspend someone!

3 0 50

Hey look, it's Theo Fleury!, he is suspended for 50 games. the 3 means suspension, the second # does not matter in suspensions and the 50 is how many games he is suspended for.

Wasn't that fun? A few notes on this. The file must end with #END. Also, the players ID #'s must go in order for this to work,if you want to add someone new, you must put him in numerical order by the player ID #. To remove all status affects, simple delete anything in between the first 2 lines, as mentioned above and the #END.

5. config_teams.ehm-Here you can edit a lot of aspects of your teams, this will also be mentioned in the "How to create an expansion team or league" section later, but for now, I will explain it to you here. (To create an expansion team requires more than just editing this file). This file is pretty simple really, it is in 2 sections, the first 30 teams are the NHL teams, and the next 30 are the AHL teams. They go in order, which means, the first team is Anaheim in the NHL, and the first team in AHL is Cincinnati, this means that the Cincinnati team is the Anaheim AHL team, and so on. The teams will look like this:

Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Arrowhead Pond

The first thing is the team name, the second is the team abbreviation. The 3rd is the name of the teams stadium, and the 4th is the stadium capacity. The 5th # is what it is all about this is the teams wealth setting. Values are as follows:

5-Extremely Rich

You can use these to edit your teams wealth, but to actually set your teams budget to an exact #, view the "How to make one player harder" section and read example #2 "Budget Constraint Rule" This will explain how to edit your teams actual budget, once you have started the game.

Last thing is your AHL teams, pretty simple really,

Cincinnati Mighty Ducks

Team name and abbreviation. What does the abbreviation do? Well, if you make a new team, and you want to change the pictures for them like the team pic and logo, the picture you use and install into your pictures folders will have to be saves with the same abbreviation as the team you make. Understand? Example:

You make the Quebec Nordiques, the abbreviation is QBC, the team pic and logo in your folder will have to be the same. Logo will have to be QBC.jpg and the team pics will have to be qbc_away.jpg and qbc_home.jpg. This is all for now. Hope you learned something today!