Draft 101

So you want to learn how to draft do you? This is a skill many people lack in this game and so they trade away their picks in online leagues, or they take a shot and miss. Is there a fool proof way to win at the draft? Yes. We all have our opinions on how to approach it and we all know something that everyone else doesn't, I will simply offer you what I have found to be affective come draft time and you decide if it might work for you. There are 2 ways to do this, one is the way most of us all do it, by way of using scouts. We can't all read the players.ehm file to scout (of course that changed when I wrote the players.ehm 101 page) but there is something to be said for GM who won't cheat. No Cheat is method 1. Method 2 is the guy who wants to use the players.ehm file to scout, this is knows as Cheat. Which method are you?

No Cheat



Secret draft tip: When looking for 4th and 5th round gems, the easiest way is to wait until after the junior championships. After that is done, search the international teams (located in the 'Draft Central' area) and look at the bottom feeders, there is a line in the middle dividing the 2 groups of teams, the ones below the line is where to look. Now, look at who is under 20 and not drafted yet. There may be 1 or 2 per team, sometimes more, but not often. These players are a good place to start. I will tell you why in a minute. Look at the players name and find him in the CSB rankings, if he is between 91-120, he is a 4th or 5th round player.

Why are these players so good? Simple, they play for a country that doesn't have many players, they are a lock to make the national team every tournament and get extra development time in every tournament. Even a low rated player can turn out above expectations because of this. It isn't fool proof, but sometimes it works!