EHM Easter Egg

It has taken me forever to add this, but did you know EHM has an Easter Egg? When you open a players profile, you can change the name of your player by simply holding Ctrl and clicking his name, pretty neat huh? It get's better!

Enter one of the following names and you will see people who made the game!

For Riz enter-Ramirez
For Tumppi enter-Jesus
Juha Saarinen-El Tarmac
A pic of Riz with Greg Graffin of Bad Religion-Bad Religion
Vesa Nurmi-Technics

Even more-contributed by Riz himself:

for Miikka Myllyla (webmaster and graphics), type in "Neo"
for Santeri Pietila (tester), type in "Santeri Heiskanen"
for Vesa Nurmi (tester), type in "Black Boa" (the technics pic is a joke pic, lol)

Well, if you know more names to enter, just let me know, I have added this now since many people have asked....... Enjoy!