The easy way to find a players ID #

Here is a new super easy was to find a players ID # - Credit to "kukberns" on the fhockey forums.

1) Open players.ehm (preferred with notepad or any other program where you can see line numbers)
2) place cursor on name of player you want to find ID
3) if opened with notepad press Ctrl+G to find a line number where you are now.
4) add 5 to that number and divide with 20.
5) This is the players ID.

Looking for ID of Jaromir Jagr.
* Open players.ehm with notepad.
* Ctrl+F, write in Jaromir Jagr, press Enter
* Close Find window and press Ctrl+G
* Number I see is 11435
* ID = (11435+5)/20 = 572

The old way:

1. Open your EHM game, open the depth chart of the team with the player you wish to minimize the game.

2. Open your main EHM folder.......look for the depthchart.html file.

3. Open the file in your browser....just double click it. There is the team you wanted.

4. Scroll your mouse over the name of the player you wanted to look in the bottom left corner of the screen...see the #? VICTORY!!!!!

That is the players ID #, and this the easiest method of finding it. To view another team, just switch teams in the game, the depthchart.html file will update with every team you open..........enjoy!

Added: Credit to "MD" on the fhockey forums:

If the player you're looking for isn't in an NHL team (like for example an undrafted player) you can take a look at the junior/amateur team he's playing for, then go to see CHL teams or ECHL/european teams, click on the player's team, then you can find the player ID you're looking for in the ama_stat.html or ama_roster.html file the same way you do with the depthcharts.html one described on this page