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EST. NOV 2001
Stephen Hicks
Simming Speed: 3 times a week, 1 week per sim. 

Global Hockey League

GHL Information

Middle of 2002

Current Season:
We are currently nearing the end of the 9th season (2011-2012)(as of June12th/2006)

Commish: Steven Hicks
Administrative staff:
Dave Leibowitz
Sean Emack
Jeff Emack (also a simmer)

Simming Speed, Length & Presentation:
Regular Season - 7 EHM days simmed 3 times weekly (Sun, Tues and Thurs) with gameday results posted on the boards.
Playoffs - 2 EHM days per real day are simmed.

GMs, Nationalities and Language Nationality:
A wide mix of GM's, coming from Canada, USA, England, Italy, Australia and several Brazilian GM's.
English is the language used on the boards, though some of us have been learning a few Brazilean and Italian phrases.
We have 9 GM's who have been there from the 1st season, and many more that have been there for 3 or more seasons. It is an excellent set of GM's, the league's biggest strength.

The forums is where the majority of communication occurs. All things GHL are discussed here, as well as a lot of non-GHL topics. MSN and Yahoo messanger are also used, depending on the GM.

Can be found at: www.eastside-globalhockeyleague.com/league_rules1.html

Trades and Consistency:
There is a trade committee in place to prevent any one sided deals. Consistency is restored based on a formula (found in league rules) which take into account the players age/experience. Lost points can be restored based on players performance.

Roster Pack:
As we are one of the older leagues, the roster pack used was a (now quite) old version of Smetena's.

None at the moment.

EHM Knowledge/GM Profile:
We accept GM's of all knowledge level. One thing we pride ourselves on is teaching the how-to's and such of online EHM life. We have a significant amount of GM's whose first league was GHL and we have a post on the forums about all things a newer GM needs to know. We also have many friendly and helpful GM's that are more then willing to answer any questions and offer advice.