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EST. October 2003
Commish. Mike K.
Simming Speed: 2 days per week Wednesday and Sunday
Home: www.hfchl.com
Time spent daily on league work
Commish: Anywhere from 1-2 hours per sim.
General Manager: 15-30 minutes downlaoding the save and sending instructions/lines
Simulation Speed 
7 EHM days per sim.
Playoffs, 2 games per sim.
a) Forums
b) Email
c) MSN
English, we have some French members but boards are english
Consistency Checks
Twice per season, reasonable maintenance of the team is expected, in particulair the draft and trade deadline.  That being said we have some hard core and some more hobby based GMs and all are respected.
Trading Control
Trading is monitored by the simmers, and commish, once a GM is established trades are rarely rejected.
Board of Govenors
1 commish - Mike K.
6 person league committee
Current Season
Year 2012-2013
Original Roster Pack
Original 1.16 roster pack
Yep, we have a fairly detailed rulebook on the main site and the forum.
Year-End Awards
In game awards plus GM of the year, and AHL rewards.
EHM Knowledge
Some of the best GMs are ones we have trained, but having the game installed already is nice.
Cash Rewards
Staff attribute boosts
Player attribute boosts
Arena expansion
Draft Lottery:
Matches the NHL draft lottery
Retirement System:
Some retired players are hacked back into the game to expand the UFA free agent pool.
Weak teams are allowed to bid on UFA players despite the games protests.