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EST. Jan 2014
Josh Lewis
Simming Speed:
Mon, Wed, Sat. 7 days per sim.


League established: January 2014

Commissioners: Steve Gardiner & Josh Lewis

Sims: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, seven days per sim. The file is posted on the forum for download. Instructions and lines are submitted via http://ratwhl.coffeecup.com/forms/rat

Current season: Season 2 began in May 2014. The Season 1 champions were the Ottawa Senators.

Rules: The league rules can be found here: http://roughingafterwhistle.freeforums.org/league-rules-t2509.html

Open teams: An updated list of GMs and open teams is kept here: http://roughingafterwhistle.freeforums.org/gm-list-t2542.html - simply post on the forum to claim a team.

Website: The league is part of a hockey message board also called Roughing After The Whistle. GMs need to sign up for the forum to join the league. Participation on the message board is encouraged but not at all required. Our league has a mix of message board posters and people who found us elsewhere.

EHM knowledge: EHM experience is not required. We have a good mix of EHM veterans and people who are learning the ropes. We have lots of people who can answer any questions you may have. We also have an extremely comprehensive guide to EHM on our site.