Potential increases for your draft picks? Here's how.........

It is true, potential can increase with a low draft pick, what you need is version 1.16, it is the only version this will work on.

1. What to look for.

The first thing you need is a draft pick with low potential, lower than 70 and high consistency, higher than 75, these are the magic players. The first thing you do is draft them and then sign them right away to a contract.

2. When it happens.

1 full season later when the game date reaches 21.6.(year) the game will update the game files automatically, once this happens, the players who will go up often have news about them, it would read "(players name) shaping up-Things are looking good for (position) (players name) who has developed better than expeted. His work on his training has paid off and he might develope into a better player than expected." This is a sign of a potential increase.

Not all players will have news to tell you this, so it is best to check the players.ehm file to see if it happened. In a test by several different people, all marked players had a potential increase of 10. Some examples are, one player was 67 potential and 93 consistency, he went up to 77 potential and 93 consistency.

Note: The higher the consistency, the higher the chance to get the boost. If the pot is between 50-59, its possible to either get the boost from 5 to 6 in year 1, and 6 to 7 in year 2, OR straight up from 5 to 7. (thanks Nils for this note)