Tab By Tab

Welcome to the Tab by Tab explanation to EHM. In the following instructions you will learn all the basic features of the EHM game. To make the browsing easier in these explanations, you will be provided with screen shots. If you are here it is because you know how to start the game, if you do not, please refer back to the "Beginning the game" lesson on the EHM 101 page. Please enjoy this EHM teaching tool.

Table of contents:



(a)search with a filter
(c)actions with staff


(a)setting your lines
(b) tactics and shift lengths
(c) saving and loading your lines
(d) the rest of the screen

6.Farm Team
(a)the lines through players names
(b) junior aged players
(c) can I cheat this system?

(a) there is a player on my team that is not on the trade screen!
(b) the trading is too easy/hard, can I fix that?


9.Team Info

10.Team News



(a)Configuring the training programs

(a)assigning and calling back
(b)Checking the scouts players

15.Players info. Window
(a)the profile
(b)taking action with your player
(c)letters on the card

16.The game tabs at the top
(c)Team Menu
(d)League Information
(e)Draft Central

1.Simulate-The first window is your access to point to the whole game. The "simulate" tab is the starting point where you can advance days in the game. When you begin, there are no games scheduled yet. You are in the off season. To advance days, just push the "Continue to next day" button, this will advance you to the next calendar day and the date will change at the top of the screen. Alternately, you can hit the F12 button on your keyboard to advance days.

When the games are set, they will appear here in a list below the game date. To view a games info, double click anywhere on the game to view a preview, or the games stats once it is played.

2.Statistics-The next tab is your gateway to the numbers your players will put up. From here you can access the scoring leaders in many categories. The "filters" section at the bottom gives you the choice to look at all the different stats you wish to see. It also allows you to export the HTML files for your game to a folder called "html" located in your EHM folder. This is for easy access to uploading your game to the web. To sort the different categories, just push the button at the top you wish to sort by, such as "+/-" to sort the leaders in this category.

3.Players/Staff-This is where you can find all the players and staff. The first list will be your current team, but you can change it. Double click any player to access his player info. To view another team, or free agents, use the Select team pull down bar. To view free agent staff, click the view staff button when you are in the UFA list.

(a)search with a filter-To search with a filter, hit the search filter button and you will be able to find players you are looking for. This search method is very simple.

(b)staff-Your staff can be viewed and moved on this screen, to take action with a staff member, double click their name to view the staff members profile.

(c)actions with staff-The actions button will allow you to offer the staff member a new contract, fire that staff member, assign them to a new role on the team and move them from the pro team to the farm or farm to pro. To view farm staff, select the "View Farm Team" button as well as the "View Staff" button at the same time.

4.Standings-This area is pretty self explanatory, this is the standings, you can access them by conference, by division or check your farm team out here. The Western and Eastern conference buttons on the top will give you a divisional view, the ones at the bottom will give you a conference view.

5.Lines-This is a very big part of your game, this is where you decide your line combinations and tactics, as well as shift lengths. You can also save and load your lines here. You can view your players with the buttons on the left, you can view all of your players or view them by position. You can sort your players by their abilities by clicking on any of the tabs above the names. For example, to view your players by overall, click the "OA" button.

(a) setting your lines-To insert a player into your lineup, click on that player, his name and info will appear in the "selected player" area. To put him in, click on the position you wish for him to play. Most players have a regular and alternate position, that will be discussed later in the Player info screen. You can also use computer lines and have the game set your lines for you. When you are done, hit "Confirm these lines" and you are set to use them. You also need to do your farm lines in this same method, to access them, hit them "Farm Lines" button.

(b) tactics and shift lengths-The tactics and shift length also need to be set here. This is done using the slider for shift length, and the pull down menu for tactics. Click each tab to view your different line combinations.

(c) saving and loading your lines-To use this option can save you a lot of time. Once you have set your lines and confirmed them, the "Save" button will be accessible. Click this button to save your lines to your computer. The format is .lns, you may name them anything you want. This can also be done separately for your fame lines. To load your lines, use the "Load" button and select your lines that you saved previously. This will automatically load you lines, tactics and shift lengths.

(d) the rest of the screen- This screen also has a list of your players on IR, your injured players. The page also has important info on your team. Below the players list itself is the Offense, Defense and Overall of your players on average. It also lists how many players you have in each position available to play. To add or demote players, the next tab will give you the chance.

6.Farm Team-This where you can promote and demote players as you see fit. To move a player down, select him and use the "Demote" button, to bring a player up, select him and use the "Promote" button. Players on the IR are also listed here, if a position is RED in the list of players you have (bottom left) then you need someone to play in that position in order for you to have enough players available to play your next game.

(a) the lines through players names-These lines mean that a player who is demoted will have to clear waivers before being demoted. The rule is simple, just like the NHL rules, but since this not an NHL 101 document, you will have to look that rule up yourself. If a player is promoted and he has a line through his name, it means he will have to clear waivers if you send him back down. There is an exception to this rule, if you have an injury and are forced to bring someone up, the player you call up will be exempt from having to clear waivers on an emergency basis for a period of time. The game will inform you of such an exception when you call up that player.

(b) junior aged players-you cannot demote a junior aged player to the farm. These players are anyone under the age of 20. You may send that player back to juniors only, unless he has played a certain amount of games, then he may be stuck on your active roster which is why it is best sometimes to choose what rookies you will keep on your pro team at the start carefully.

(c) can I cheat this system?-yes, you can. If you really think you need to send a junior aged player down, use the players.ehm 101 page to learn how to edit a player, this is also where you can change a players team.

7.Trade-As soon as you click here on the first day, it will say "trade deadline has passed", don't worry, once you advance one day, it will be back to normal. Advance one day and lets move on.

This where you can swing a deal. To choose a trade partner, use the pull down menu at the top to choose what team you wish to trade with. You have a list of all of your players and theirs, a list of your prospects and draft picks, you even have the option of trading your money. To use money in a deal, you must include something like a player or a pick, you cannot simply buy players and picks.

Once you have set up your trade, you can view the trade in the center of the screen. There is an option to have the bar in the middle in the 'Options' section, this will be touched on next.

If you are satisfied with your trade and you think it will be accepted, click the "Propose trade button". The game will ask you if you are sure and give you a basic rundown of what is involved in the trade. You may select yes or no. If you want to remove your trade, select "Clear the table" and your trade will be erased. Or, to remove the player or pick at the bottom of your window, right click on it.

Once you select yes, the game will tell you if it is accepted or denied, and sometimes, that team will not even be interested in trading at all!

(a) there is a player on my team that is not on the trade screen!-Don't worry, this means your player is either hurt, suspended or he has a No Trade Clause. To remove a No Trade clause, see the players.ehm 101 page.

(b) the trading is too easy/hard, can I fix that?-Yes! this is something you can do in the Options screen, it is next up!

8.Options-There are a ton of options here, lets run through each one and help you understand what your "options" truly are. The info you are provided with on this screen is how many players you currently have in your game, what the league average salary is and how many players will be retiring at the end of the season. You may also reset the training configurations, this is not advisable, unless you know what you are doing and you can also reset individual records here, that is your choice.


View human games in game-this allows you to actually watch your game to an extent while it is being played.

CPU Trades-this is the feature that allows the computer controlled teams to trade amongst themselves.

Manually updated stats-every so often, the game will update the stats for you to keep your game current, you can choose to do this yourself here. The button to do this is located in the Statistics button at the very top of the screen.

Reset news monthly-This will delete the news from your files every month, this is useful for saving space as the news files can get very large. This is also useful if you run an online league.

Computer controlled training-This option is advisable if you are a beginner. This option gives you the choice to let you control the training options for your players or let the computer run it for you. You still have to set certain things on your training screen, but that will be later.

Disable CPU team news-again, another feature to save space. This will turn off the news for other teams, assuming you don't want to know what they are up to anyway!

Wizard mode-This is a setting for the game to get harder. This will take away all the players ratings from your view, leaving you blind, you will have to use your brain with stats and not just oa's.

Auto-save weekly-this will have the game save for you automatically every week. This is good for you forgetful people who have things go wrong sometimes. There is nothing worse than playing a season for 3-4 hours and then boom! something happens, like your power goes off and you lose it all.

Hide balance in trade tab-this is what I mentioned earlier, this will give you or take away a tab in the trade screen that allows to to measure if a trade is fair or not based on the computers opinion. This is great if you aren't sure of your trades will be accepted by the computer teams.

Computer managered fastsim-thankfully, this is already explained right on the screen!

In-Game, pause on all breaks-This is an great in game feature if you wish to be a part of the action. This allows you to take part in the coaching of your team. More on this later.

In-Game-no flashing text-this is for those people who's computers can't handle things flashing and makes them work slowly, it is nice for those of you with old PC's. Plus, maybe you just find it annoying?

Waiver warnings-This feature will tell you when someone is sent down to the farm and placed on waivers from a computer team. This will slow down your simming some, but it will help when you are looking for a fast fix.


Auto sim speed-this is how fast your sim will be done, you can slow it down because yes, you can stop it from simming once you start! Right click in the game area of the Simulation screen to stop simming.

Scoring Level-Increase or decrease how many goals will be scored in games.

Penalty frequency-Increase or decrease how often penalties happen.

Fight Frequency-Increase or decrease how often fights happen.

Injury frequency-Increase or decrease how often injuries happen.

In-Game speed-This is how fast the game will be played in game. To get it done quick(but then why are you watching it to begin with?) move it to fast. To take part more and follow the action easier, slow it down.

9.Team Info-Here is a handy area, here you can view info on your team, change GM names and add or remove human controlled teams, export your box scores and see a nice pic of your arena. You can also find out where your team stands financially. You can edit this setting, this will be explained later in the "Creating expansion teams and leagues" section of EHM 101.

To change control of a team, select any team from the pull down menu and Assign or Resign a GM. This is also where you can change control from one human team to another. Switch from one team to the next and use the "switch to" button to change control of human teams.

10.News-This is where you can read the news about your team, the league and other teams if you wish. This is pretty basic, there are 3 options here, your team news is the default that you will see when you click here. You may also "view league news", which will tell you things like, world juniors info, all-star info and things that happen that aren't in your team news. You can also view a list of all transactions made.

Once in the league news screen, you can choose another teams news from here. Click on any teams abbreviated name to view that teams news.

11.Calendar-Here you can view what games are coming up and what games have been played previously. To see a preview or game recaps, double click any game in the window on the right. If there are no games, the screen will be blank. You can use the pull down menus to access any day or month and the "go to today" button will take you to the day your season is currently on.

12.Finances-This is an important screen to keep your eye on, are you making money? losing money? How much do you have right now? and, how much will you charge people to see your games? The ticket prices can be adjusted with the arrows. If your team is winning and you have sellouts every game (you can view this by looking at previously played games explained above) then you may want to raise prices. If your team is struggling and you aren't drawing fans, consider lowering your prices. A team balance will be displayed to you after every month of play automatically, this may serve as your reminder to check this screen.

13.Training-Here is an area a lot of people have trouble with. If you are set on auto training, you don't need to worry what X's go where, it will be done for you. You do however need to set who will run each training program and how much resources will be spent on each of 3 area's.

To show training for the farm team, use the "Show training for farm team" button. here you will again have to select who will run training programs and how much resources to set.

(a)Configuring the training programs-This is something you can use to change your teams training to what you want. It is not advisable to create new training configs, as this sometimes causes your game to erase the entire training file and crash your game. You can however edit the existing training programs to your advantage.

To change your training programs, just select one from the drop down box and your setting will be set automatically. To change the settings, use the sliders. Once you are satisfied with your changes, use the "Save Changes" button, or set the program to replace the one it was already in. 1 is Rest and cannot be removed. 2 is Attack, 3 is Defense, 4 is Goalie and 5 is Physic by default.Never use the save as new button and then set a new training program, this feature was never developed properly and will cause your game to crash sometimes.

14.Scouting-Welcome to the wild world of scouting. This is one of the best things in the game I think, Though most people just read the players.ehm file to scout, I like to keep my games legit as much as I can and trust my scouts. They may not always be right, but it is fun to take the chance. You will have a drop down box with all of your scouts listed in it. Each scout has info below his name with all of his abilities. The only ones that really matter are Eye for Offense, Defense and Goaltending talent. The buttons at the bottom is where you instruct your troops, assign and call back as you need.

(a)assigning and calling back-To have your scout go to work, Assign him either to a team, a Country or your short list (More on the VERY important short list later). Once you select a team or country, the list will show you all available places for him to scout. The results are not instant, you will have to sim some days to get all the scouting reports from your guys,so be patient. To call a scout back, you can select a single scout and use "call Back" or you can "Call back all" scouts in one shot. Once a scout has been assigned, when you come back to this screen and view your scout, he will have a list of players in the window beside him that he has scouted.

(b)Checking the scouts players-Once your scout has some info, you can return to the scouting screen and see who he thinks is good and bad. You can sort any player by the tabs at the top as with previous screens. The list is:

Number-This is what players he scouted first and so on.

Position-if you need to ask, you shouldn't be reading this, you should be watching a different sport.

Potential-This is the scouts OPINION on this players potential. While this scout could be wrong, another scout may have a different opinion. So it can be good to change up your scouts from time to time.

Consistency-Again, an opinion from this scout.

Loyalty-Same as the last 2.

Rating-Here is what is interesting, this is a rating out of 5 that this scout gives this player. In the next section when we discuss the Player info screen, you will see what difference this makes. When you view a player that is scouted by your team, he will sometimes have some pucks beside his scouting book. The rating out of 5 represented by the # is also how many pucks will appear in that players info.

15.Players info. window-This is where you will spend a lot of time, so it is important to know what you are doing. At any point in the game, on any screen you can double click a players name and his info. card will appear. This is where all interaction with players takes place.You will have a lovely picture of your player on this card, if you do not, get the pics file from the update site linked on the Fhockey web page. (He,he, shameless plug, but it is worth it to get them, adds a nice feel to the game)

(a)the profile-From this little card you are plugged into this players whole world in the EHM game. With the tabs you can view all the information you need on your player. His skills, and the previously mentioned Scouting book are here. If the player is scouted, just click on that book to view his scouting report. If you are in wizard mode, the numbers will all be X's.

The other tabs are his "statistics" for the current season. "Performance" which is broken down into a nice graph that tells you how well he is doing. "Career" will give you info on all of his stats, and how he was acquired. The "Player History" will show you all notable achievements in this players EHM career.

(b)taking action with your player-The menu at the top is where you will do business with your player, change his status and do all the things you may want to do with him.

We start with the "Actions" menu itself, in here you can offer your player a contract, release him, invite him to training camp(this is done with your prospects during training camp, more on that later), Send him back to juniors (if he is under 20), name him as your team captain(also needs to be done on the farm), and activate him from the IR (if he is day to day).

The contract negotiation screen itself is where you resign your players. You pick the years you wish to offer, the amount of money per year and signing bonus can be changed with the arrows. You may also choose to include some nice bonuses to his contract. You can choose to offer a No-Trade clause, a Two way contract (if he is going to play in the farm at all, 2 way is the way to go, otherwise he gets NHL money no matter what), A player option and a Team option.

The options allow a player or team to choose an extra year on his contract when his current contact expires. If a player is listed on his card as becoming a RFA at the end of the season (this is listed beside the team name on his card) then you may be required to offer him a qualifying offer to keep him as a RFA. If no qualifying offer is made to a potential RFA by seasons end, he will become a UFA and you lose him. The amount required to offer a RFA is listed at the bottom of the signing screen when it is relevant to the player.

To offer a contract, set it the way you want and select "Offer this contract" the game will tell that this player will consider your offer. If the player is not interested in signing, he may be sign ed long-term already or angry with your team, or sometimes it will say that the player is going to test the free agent market after the contract is up.

The Status in organization menu is where you tell a player where he stands in on your team. Some players will question their status and expect your to change it. Any prospect (under 23 years of age) Can be made into a Long shot, Future Regular or a Blue chip prospect. Any player older then 23 can be a minor leaguer (usually anyone under 61oa), a Regular Player (usually anyone over 61 oa), a Core player (usually anyone over 71 oa) or a Franchise player (usually anyone over 81 oa). You can also choose to make someone Trade Bait, this will increase trade offers you receive from other teams if that player is in demand.

Scouting list gives you access to the players scouting report (the same one you get when you click the Scouting book on the card) and an option to add this player to you shortlist. The shortlist is a list of players you choose to scout by any scout assigned to your shortlist, in can be your most important insight to players, so a good scout on your shortlist never hurts.

The waivers tab is where you can place a player on waivers, or grab one from off of waivers, to learn how to get a player from waivers, wait for the next section on all the games extra screens.

Alternate position is where you can change a players position to his alternate position. This helps when line juggling and filling roster holes when someone goes down or is traded. The positions of a player can be changed via the players.ehm file, explained in player.ehm 101 on the EHM 101 main page.

(c)letters on the card-From time to time you will see letter beside a player salary, these are his contract extras. No-Trade clauses and Team Options and such. N=No Trade Clause. TO=Team Option. PO=Player Option. Q=Qualifying offer has been made to keep this player as a RFA. T=Two way contract. A two way contract allows for a player to be sent to the minors and not be paid his full contract amount. This is very helpful when trying to save money! W=Player is currently considering an offer.

16.The game tabs at the top-

(a)File-This is where you save you games and open your games. Also where you start a game when you are at the start of the game.

(b)Statistics-This is some shortcuts to stats you already know, and to some that you cannot access anywhere else! Regular season standings, playoff tree, Farm Scoring Leaders can be accessed here. The best ones are, the Junior and Amateur scoring leaders can be seen here. This is your window to the other leagues in the EHM world. Every league in the game is here. (In the EHM game that is)

All-Time Leaders can be seen here, wanna see how close someone is to a record? Have a peek at this screen, it tells you all the leaders in a few nice categories.

This is also where you can manually update the games stats, as mentioned before.

(c)Team Menu-This is where you can view your shortlist, clear your shortlist and View transactions. From here you can also schedule extra practices for your team when they are losing. It is advisable to only do this when you have lost 3 or more games in a row, or it may be a waste of time. Here you may also skip a day, much like hitting the "continue to next day" button on the sim screen.

(d)League Information-This is another way to skip between human controlled teams also, a nice Ctrl-M will do this for you also. You can view all teams injuries here too, this is quite a nice page when you feel like looking at who is worse off than you. The waiver wire is found here also, when some one is placed on waivers, this is where you can go to claim them. As mentioned before, go into the waiver screen and double click a player, his info will appear, go to the waiver button and hit "claim", you will put in a claim, and it costs your $50,000. The depth chart screen is one of my favorite things in this game. From here you can find out your teams average age and the it's comparison to the league average age. Average height and weight also. This screen will tell you what players you have down a depth chart at each position and your prospects too.

(e)Draft Central-This is one of the most important places to visit often. This is your access to the rest of the world outside of the NHL in your game. From here you can view draft order, which tells you at the current time who is sitting where in the draft. There is lottery so it goes by team position in the standings. I always liked it better that way anyway. The CSB rankings, this will tell you the projected position of all the players in the draft according to central scouting.

You can also see players from teams in every league. The lists of players are broken down into their respective teams in this menu. Select a category such as "view CHL teams" and find the team you wish to view. From there you will get a list of the players on that team and who owns that players rights, or if they are not drafted at all. You can even view the national teams from the most recent tournament, There are 2 during the year (juniors and worlds), so it changes. Then comes the best part of this area, the past drafts. Not only is it fun to look back and remember who went where and who is good and bad now, but it also provides you with info on each player. It will tell what team draft them, what team they are on now, Their overall, and how many games and points they have at the NHL level. This can be a lot of fun after a few seasons for reminiscing.

(f)Help-Well, if you really need help and you read this far, I guess I missed something. Which is why I will leave an email address and msn at the bottom of this so you can drop me a line for any additions that need to be made here. Thanks for reading, I hope you feel like a pro now! Have fun.