Training in NHL:EHM

One of the biggest questions to NHL:EHM so far has been "How do I know how to set my training?" here is your answer.


The first thing you will need to know about training is what attributes need to be trained where. Every player has certain sets of stats, they broken down as such:

Acc (acceleration), Agi (Agility), Bal (Balance), Hit (Hitting), Ref (Reflexes), Spd (Speed), Sta (Stamina), Sti (Stickhandling), Str (Strength)
Agg (Aggression), Ant (Anticipation), Bra (Bravery), Cre (Creativity), Det (Determination), Fla (Flair), Inf (Influence), Tea (Team Work) , Wor (Work Rate)
Agi (Agility), Blk (Blocker), Glo (Glove), Pos (Positioning), Reb (Rebounds), Rec (Recovery), Ref (Reflexes), Sti (Stickhandling), Wor (Work Rate)
Agg (Aggression), Bal (Balance), Che (Checking), Hit (Hitting), Pok (Pokecheck), Pos (Positioning), Sta (Stamina), Str (Strength), Wor (work Rate)
Ant (Anticipation), Cre (Creativity), Def (Deflections), Dek (Dekeing), Fac (Faceoffs), Pas (Passing), Sla (Slap Shot), Sti (Stickhandling), Wri (Wrist Shot)

The common misconception is that each of these categories must corresponded with 1 training ritual, but they do not. Note that some attributes are found in more than 1 group, for example Agg (Aggression) which is in both Physical and Defensive. The easiest way to decide what to train on is often trial and error. When numbers turn red, they are going down, when they are green they are improving. Here is where to assign a falling attribute:

-Physical Attributes should be assigned to Condition, with the exception of stickhandling.
-Mental Attributes do not improve by assigning them to anything. Mostly a players team work will fall, but no other mental attributes fall.
-Goaltending Attributes should be assigned to Goalie, this should be pretty obvious.
-Defense Attributes are most often improved when assigned to Tactics.
-Attacking is split, you can assign to skill or when the shooting attributes such as Sla, Sti and Wri are falling, then assign to shooting.

For the most part it is best to leave players on general training, it is advised to only use the other categories when a player shows weakening in an area. It is also not just as simple as putting a player on a certain training area in order to make him go up again, you must assign the right coaches to each training area!

When you look at your coaches at the bottom of the training screen, you will see a list of all of your coaches and check boxes beside them linking them to each area of training. By default they are all assigned to every area, this must change! Giving each coach a special area will maximize the effectiveness of your training. I cannot stress enough the importance of a good goalie coach! Goalie coaches should be used on goalies only, other coaches should be used on a max of 3 areas each to maximize their ability to train your players.

Also, the style of coach you have is more important than ever now! When you look at a coaches player card, in the upper right hand corner you will find a text attribute that says "Coaching Style". This is factored into training. The tactics used by a coach is also important in some cases. The tactics a coach uses is found below the coaches job details, in the lower area of his player card. First thing, a conditioning based coach shouldn't be used as a Head Coach.

What to look for:
-Conditioning: Coaching defense/forwards (the higher one is used) and coaching style (conditioning based).
-Skating: Same as Conditioning.
-Tactics: Tactical Knowledge, coaching style (technique).
-Shooting: Coaching forwards, coaching style (technique) and tactical style (attacking).
-Offensive Skills: Coaching Forwards, tactical style (attacking).
-Defensive Skills: Coaching Defence, tactical style (defensive).
-Goaltending: Coaching Goalies.

In all of these areas, if a you have a relatively young team, then working with youngsters is important also. So as an example, if you have the choice between 2 goalie coaches who are 20 in coaching goalies, and you goalie is 24 years old, go with the one that has higher skill in working with youngsters.

In order to find the right coaches, I would like to touch upon the search feature for finding the right coaches. As outlined in the Scouting in NHL:EHM section, you use much the same technique to find coaches who fit your criteria. Start by selecting the General Manager option in the upper menu. Select Player and Staff Search. Once on this screen you will see options on the left hand side of the screen to search for Players, Staff and Scouting info. Select Staff Search. To find the right coaches you will want to use the filters at the top of the screen, let's start by finding a good goalie coach. Select Filters and set the Interested level to yes. Switch to the attributes screen and move Coaching Goalies up to your desired level. Hit ok and a list of coaches who fit this criteria will be shown. If you wish to go further in depth with your list and narrow down the candidates, use more filters. Start by selecting a desired coach from the list, once the coaches card appears, go to Action and Approach to sign. Set the position you wish your coach to have, assistant coach in most cases for this specific area. The staff member will have an amount he wishes to be paid. Some coaches will not wish to be hired at the position you are trying to sign them for, simply move on the next staff member if this one is unavailable to you.

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