A Breakdown of the EHM year.

First of all , a big thanks to David Jakovac for doing this. It is a simple thing, but it was one of the few things we were still missing! Here is a breakdown of important dates in the EHM year:

March 13 (approx.) - June 10:
No trades allowed

Trade Deadline - June 29
Players can be sent to minors without having to clear waivers

June 1 - August 31
European players signing window

Day After Playoffs End
NHL awards ceremony

June 16:
AHL all-star team selection

June 17:
NHL all-star team selection

June 18:
Rookie draft
Player return from juniors

June 21:
Player records get updated
Board collects bonuses
New free agent staff available

June 25:
Player contract options to be confirmed

June 30:
Staff/player contracts expire
Player retirements
New rookies added to central scouting
Season automatically skips ahead to August 29

August 29:
Free agent signing period begins

September 5:
Pre-season begins

September 30:
Pre-season ends
Waiver draft

February 2nd Sunday:
All-star game